Way Out West & MJ Enterprises Present ..

The DVD includes:

Big John 1 (Including SMOKING The MOVIE)

A stud from the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, Big John will strip down for you to his longjohns for some fun ..and then get into his leathers for some serious J/O action for YOU!

Then enjoy "SMOKIN'" .. the second feature of Big John 1 The Movie.

John and Cody sit around the bunkhouse and get into a lot of cigar smokin' and HOT action. A full hour of cock-rubbing fun for YOU!


Big John in solo action with a couple pairs of steel-toe Red Wing Loggers ..

a pair of dirty, greasy Carhartt workpants .. and a Stanfields summer unionsuit.

Damn! Big John gives the Red Wings a long, hard workout. Lots of cock action.

Big John gets out the old titclamps, too! You starting to get the idea?

This movie ain't for the weakhearted. Nope!

It's balls to walls BOOT FUN!


Well .. it was a quiet Friday afternoon and Big John has these three pairs of White's Lineman Boots staring at him. So what's a guy to do?

Pull them fuckers on and make a movie!

And see things about Big John that maybe you shouldn't oughta know ..

Oh, yeah! Big John even takes off his longjohns this time around! Ha!

And waterproofs one of those White's Lineman Boots!

Some shots from BIG JOHN The MOVIES DVD ..

Three movies and over 2 hours of non-stop action and fun with BIG JOHN!

And it's all for only $19.99 (plus US Postage of $5.05 for Priority Mail or $2.50 for First Class Mail).
You can place a credit card order by calling MJ Enterprises at 406-649-2020 Or E-Mail .

MJ Enterprises accepts Visa .. Mastercard .. American Express .. Discover Card .. Paypal (the Paypal ID is getused@wow-mt.com).

You should be prepared to E-Mail an "I'm over 18" statement when placing your order.

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