Three great little movies sure to put a smile on your face ..

and something hard in your hand! YEEHAW!

Cowboy Boot Sex #4

Cowboy John at the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch hires himself a new hand .. Cowboy Mark from Colorado. Nice guy!

But wait a minute! Cowboy Mark has a "thing" for another guy's boots ..

Cowboy John soon finds Cowboy Mark sniffing, licking, tasting, chewing on his cowboy boots and his work boots. What the heck!!

And then there is that other thing .. Cowboy Mark fucking those boots!

Somewhere along the line, Cowboy John figures out that boot fucking

ain't all that bad! Especially when his dirty old boots get some badly needed

Tender Loving Care from Cowboy Mark!

So life is good on the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch .. just as long as Cowboy Mark only wants to fuck boots and not ass! WOOF!

Cowboy Boot Sex #4 .. nearly 20 Minutes Of Boot Lickin' Fun!


Life in Montana gets a little boring for Cowboy John at the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch. So many boots .. so what the heck a guy gonna do for some fun?

Time for Cowboy John to get himself a boot toy .. and Stomp Boy is just that toy!

So the next thing you know, Cowboy John is stomping his boots on Stomp Boy!

And dang it all to heck! Stomp Boy enjoys the heck outta it!

Yeppers! Stomp Boy gets a boner while gettin' stomped on!

So Cowboy John makes sure that Stomp Boy stays happy and HARD with all kinds of stomping!

So sit back, pull on your favorite boots and watch Cowboy John stomp his way to happiness in Montana .. stomping on Stomp Boy!

Boot Stomp .. 20 minutes of fun that ain't illegal in Montana YET!


My Roomie's Sneakers


Cowboy John's roommate has just got himself a couple new pairs of New Balance sneakers.

So Cowboy John decides to "break 'em in" for his roomie!

Cowboy John shows the sneakers a good time .. a real good time!

By the time he's done, Cowboy John is happy and so are the New Balance sneakers!

Lucky roomie! If only he knew how Cowboy John takes care of his New Balance sneakers! WOOF!

My Roomie's Sneakers .. nearly 15 minutes of sneaker fun!


Almost an hour of movie fun with these three great little movies!

And it's all for only $19.99 (plus US Postage of $5.05 for Priority Mail or $2.50 for First Class Mail).

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