Way Out West & MJ Enterprises Present ..



Treat yourself to three movies with plenty of piss and shit for everybody!

John and Mark start off by doin' some serious pissin' in the house. They wet themselves but good .. just for you!

Later on, Mark and Dave find they have a lot of piss in their dicks and want to piss all over a hitchhiker found wandering down the road. Getting all wet is something new for the hitchhiker.

Even down to getting his back pocket soaking wet from Big John!

Then the hitchhiker gets some training with the piss gag!

Then you get some great views of John and Mark showing off their asses, scratching 'em and hunkering down to take a few dumps!

When Jim-Bob shows up .. he gets dumped on! What a sight! What a turn-on!


The guys at the M Bar J Ranch just got hold of a hot new videotape from a couple of their wild buddies up in Montana.

These two good-looking Montana cowboys are gonna let you take a peek at what they like to do for fun! Up there in Montana, cowboys take their man-sex serious .. and they like that sex wet and dirty!

After starting off with a good, long drink of his partner's piss, this cowboy gets ready to take a dump from his partner's hairy butt. With his tongue stuck deep into his pard's asshole, he eagerly waits for a log. And he gets it right on his chest. And then the fun really begins!!

In no time at all, these Montana cowboys have the dirty stuff spread all over the shower and each other! A hot time in the tub tonight! And you get a front-row view of the action!

To show his appreciation for getting dumped on, the cowboy gives his pard some tender loving care! And before you know it, there's cum flying everywhere .. even from a friend who gives you a private show a little later on. DIRTY MONTANA COWBOYS is too hot for just one load of cum! You're sure to shoot a couple of dozen before it's all over!


Big John is WILD in solo action from his place in the wilds of northern Idaho!

What's a guy gotta do to take a dump around here?

Hell .. do it inside the house, outside the house, in the garge .. danged near anywhere where he can drop a big dump.

The only thing Big John is missing is YOU!

So get ready for some never-before-seen fun as Big John does all sort of nasty things for you!

Two great hours of Dirty Cowboys Fun

And it's all for only $19.99 (plus US Postage of $4.80 for Priority Mail or $1.25 for First Class Mail).
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