Way Out West In Montana & MJ Enterprises Present ..


.. The Hired Hand


Cowboy John needs a toilet! He's tired of having to wipe his ass out in the woods! And toilet paper is getting too high priced for his liking!

So he puts in ad in the paper and gets Mark from Colorado showing up at his front door! Mark wants to be a cowboy .. and he also likes it dirty!

So Mark hopes that the dirty briefs he found down at the gate to the ranch belong to Cowboy John!

The job interview is much to Mark's liking .. and Cowboy John's, too! YEEHAW!!

Before he knows it, Mark is hired and working .. hard! A trip out to the wood to clear out some brush for the upcoming castration season is more excitement than what Mark was counting on ..

But he ain't complaining ..

Being a cowboy hired hand ain't all fun tho ..

But there is a reward for his labors ..

Mark is quickly catching onto to what it takes to be a


So Mark soon becomes Cowboy Mark .. with all

the trappings ..

Yeppers .. as Cowboy Mark says

"Life don't get any better than this!"

Over 90 minutes of movie action, an interview of Cowboy Mark, extra movie scenes and footage of the "Dirty Gear For Sale" offering!

And it's all for only $19.99 (plus US Postage of $5.05 for Priority Mail or $2.50 for First Class Mail)

You can place a credit card order by calling MJ Enterprises at 406-649-2020 Or E-Mail.

MJ Enterprises accepts Visa .. Mastercard .. American Express .. Discover Card .. Paypal (the Paypal ID is getused@wow-mt.com).

You should be prepared to E-Mail an "I'm over 18" statement when placing your order.

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