Way Out West In Montana & MJ Enterprises Present ..


So you wanna be Daddy's John boy and get some training in why cowboys wear dropseat unionsuits out here in Big Sky Country .. Montana?

Well, head on out to the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch & Roadhouse

Daddy John will put you in a dropseat unionsuit and you'll start out the day watching your Daddy shave and get purdy!

And if you're a little "stoved up" in your innards.. then Daddy John will give you a nice soapy enema .. Good Boy! Take it like man!

And Daddy John will even make sure you have a bucket to empty it out in! Yeehaw!

Don't forget to unbutton your dropseat before dumping your enema!

You don't wanna mess your drawers too soon! HA!

Then the boy will go the Daddy's John bedroom for some "fun and games" with him.

And don't be surprised if Daddy John doesn't drop a big old load of man-seed up your ass!

Followed by a good piss down your throat! Woof!

Dang! An hour of non-stop dropseat unionsuit fun with Daddy John!

So what you waiting for? Button up .. front and back .. and get ready for a good time

with Cowboy John .. aka Daddy John .. at the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch & Roadhouse!


And it's all for only $14.99 (plus US Postage of $5.05 for Priority Mail or $2/50 for First Class Mail)

You can place a credit card order by calling MJ Enterprises at 406-649-2020 Or E-Mail.

MJ Enterprises accepts Visa .. Mastercard .. American Express .. Discover Card .. Paypal (the Paypal ID is getused@wow-mt.com).

You should be prepared to E-Mail an "I'm over 18" statement when placing your order.

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