COWPOKE Personal Services

If you got an itch or a hankering for something dirty .. you are at the right place!


How about a pair of cowboy-worn sox? . The kind that have been sweated in for a week or so. .The kind that can stand up all by themselves in the corner. . The smell will knock you on your ass and give you an instant boner.

Then again, there's that jockstrap which some cowboy has been wearing under his bluejeans all week .. getting it ripe and ready for you to enjoy.

And if you need to "wet your whistle" with a bottle of cowboy piss!

Yes, sir!.., Cowboy John is ready, willing and able to help you out with his personal services.

Yeppers .. this cowpoke is more than able to service your special cravings!

Cowboy John offers you the following items:

All clothing items are done to order.

Cowboy John takes checks .. cash .. money orders .. Visa .. Mastercard .. American Express .. Discover Card .. Paypal.

Questions?. Comments?. Got an order that needs filling?. You can reach the Cowboy John by E-Mail here.

So what you waiting for? Cowboy John is waiting to service you!

Warning .. You must be over 18 years of age and be a consenting adult to use these services.