Way Out West & MJ Enterprises Present ..


Are You Ready? Here's 4 Hours Of HOT COWBOY MOVIES FromThe M Bar J Ranch Outside Of Woods Landing, Wyoming!
The first movie is ..


Out in the wilds of Wyoming, we've cum across a couple of young cowboys for you to watch and admire. First there is NELSE .. a handsome cowboy from just down the road. He's young and hung like a horse!

The ranch foreman takes a real keen interest in his new help .. hustling him into the bunkhouse for some great J/O action!

Our second cowboy is TONY .. coming over from Cheyenne WY to have a little fun on the M Bar J Ranch with the ever horny foreman!!

TONY has a great sense of humor and a cock that gets real hard real fast .. just like a good cowboy should!


Over 60 minutes of great pud-pounding viewing for you. NELSE and then TONY will strip down and get their young cocks hard and explosive! Will you be ready for their HOT loads?

The second movie is ..


Young, handsome, well-hung STRETCH comes out to the M Bar J Ranch in Wyoming to learn how to be a cowboy.

His Uncle John takes an immediate interest in making sure STRETCH is ready to be a cowboy.

Uncle John tells STRETCH about the last "wanna cowboy" who showed up at the ranch .. and the rough treatment that he got!!

"JIM BOB was his name," Uncle John tells STRETCH .. figuring to scare the kid a little. "JIM BOB got enough punishment for three or four cowboys! I ended up hanging the fucker!"

Mark the ranch foreman soon finds STRETCH and figures that he might as well start training STRETCH. Before long, STRETCH is no doubt thinking about the last "wanna cowboy" who made the mistake of coming to the M Bar J Ranch!

By that night, all his worries are behind him and STRETCH is just about ready to "graduate" as a real cowboy!

SO YOU WANNA BE A COWBOY? is over one hour of rollicking fun and action. Watch STRETCH get initiated as a cowboy by his Uncle John and Mark the Ranch Foreman. Watch as JIM BOB .. another wanna cowboy .. is subjected to endless abuse and mistreatment .. including a little hanging scene sure to stick in your memory!!

The third movie is ..


The guys at the M Bar J Ranch have another HOT movie featuring one hunk of a stud for YOU! The COWBOY And The DEPUTIES with Cowboy MIKE is sure to teach you what it means to "respect the law."

A little about Cowboy MIKE. He's 6-1 .. 175# .. black hair and brown eyes .. mid-twenties .. born and raised on his family's ranch near Santa Rosa NM .. a graduate of Texas AM.. showing off a swimmer's build developed from lots of hard work on the ranch, in the gym and the swimming pool.

MIKE is caught trespassing on the Sheriff's Ranch. In short order, he is arrested and hauled off to jail.

While being booked in, MIKE is subjected to verbal and physical humiliation by Deputy John. The no-nonsense deputy discovers that MIKE has a collection of underwear in his possession. MIKE is forced to stripped and then put on various pieces of skimpy underwear .. while the cigar-smoking Deputy John dons a pair of latex gloves to conduct a initiation of his prisoner.

Deputy Mark returns to take MIKE outside for some physical labor on the Sheriff's ranch. The action soon turns too hot for the great outdoors. The deputy and the cowboy return inside the Sheriff's residence for some wild sucking and fucking.

Before being released from custody, MIKE is taken down to the river for some cooling down. MIKE has other things in mind as he releases his load for Deputy Mark.

60 minutes of nonstop action and fun .. in or out of the handcuffs!

The fourth movie is ..


BIG JOHN went to the meat market and picked himself up an untrained boy. The boy is a cowboy from Montana .. fresh off the ranch and not quite sure what life is all about. Don't worry! BIG JOHN will break in the boy.

The cowboy has no name .. other than boy. Goodlooking with a great body, he submits with only a little struggle to the ways of BIG JOHN and MASTER MARK out on the ranch. A gag and a spanking are only the start of his being taught how to be a good boy.

A body harness, some rope around his cock and balls .. all lead to more serious training at the hands of MASTER MARK

When the boy finds himself strung up by his wrists and his ass given a good whipping with a belt and BIG JOHN's hand. the boy learns how to say "SIR" and mean it! Best of all .. the boy finds that he enjoys doing whatever his Masters want of him!

At the end of his training, the boy is given a few minutes to swim in the icy cold river .. another chance for you to admire his body and his attitude. And then some more time with MASTER MARK.

Four hours of

And it's all for only $24.99 (plus US Postage of $5.05 for Priority Mail or $2.50 for First Class Mail).
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