Way Out West & MJ Enterprises Present ..

The 2-DVD set includes:


Does UNDERWEAR turn you on? If yes, then this video is for you! Spend an hour with the guys on the ranch in Wyoming, as they get in and out of all kinds of underwear.

Mark and his underwear boy have all kinds of fun on and off the bed.

Mo matter what kind of underwear gets you hard .. you'll get off with MEN INTO UNDERWEAR #1!

Like the guy's say .. Do it in your underwear with MEN INTO UNDERWEAR!


Are you ready for more underwear? I'll bet you just can's say NO! So head on back out to the M Bar J Ranch in Wyoming for more underwear fun!

The guys at the M Bar J Ranch have found a whole sack of underwear .. and they're gonna try it all on for YOU!

Good thing these guys live way out in the country .. or nobody would be safe when they get into an underwear frenzy!

Things get even more wild when a couple of buddies show up for some BRIEF action!

When it's all said and done .. can you ever get enough underwear?


Sit back and enjoy three guys in their tight whites. Mark of MEN INTO UNDERWEAR Magazine is conducting interviews of three goodlooking guys in their favorite underwear.

The three answer the most intimate of questions, while stripping down and showing off their underwear.

So spend an hour with these three guys and Mark. Tight whites are always a favorite! And these guys only make it HARDER for you to decide which tight whites are the best!

MEN INTO UNDERWEAR #4 - The Job Interview

JOHN comes in for a job interview. He thinks he will be modeling a new line of sportswear. Then he's asked to strip down to his briefs .. and even less!

The underwear gets smaller and smaller .. and JOHN'S face gets redder and redder.

A lot of fun and revealing action as JOHN gets his stranger Job Interview!

MEN INTO UNDERWEAR 4 is sure to get you looking for a NEW JOB!


he guys out at the M Bar J Ranch are gonna give you a hard-on for longjohns. That's right! Unionsuits are away of life out here in the wilds of Wyoming and especially here on the ranch!

Unionsuits are great for staying warm in .. and fucking around in, too!

Whether it's down by the woodpile, along the river or inside the bunkhouse, John and Mark have a lot of fun with their longjohns.

So crawl into your longjohns, pull out your dick and click on LONGJOHNS The Movie for over one hour of long underwear action!


Volumes 1 And 2

Over four hours of great underwear action .. all for only $19.99 (plus US Postage of $5.05 for Priority Mail or $2.50 for First Class Mail).
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