A scenario ..

You find yourself tied to a tree out in the wilds of Montana. Big John tied you to that tree and then put a blindfold over your eyes. You can hear Big John walking around you .. you can feel his breath as he gets within an inch of your face.

A hand grabs your nuts and squeezes .. gently at first .. then harder .. then harder yet until you start to stand on your toes.

"You like that, boy?" a growl comes from Big John.

The hand lets go of your balls and then fingers latch onto your nipples for some twisting and turning.

"How about that, boy? the growl has a hint of amusement behind it.

The gag in your mouth prevents you from doing anything more than grunting .. and maybe screaming.

After several minutes, the fingers let go of your tits. Then something is tied around your nutsack .. a leather boot lace .. and that lace is then tied around a small rock and let go to dangle between your legs.

Drops of sweat start to trickle down your face. Thoughts of dread and fear start to grip you. How in the hell did you talk yourself into coming out to Montana for this sort of rough treatment at the hands of this cowboy? And what next?

You find that out shortly ..

Okay .. so you got this need.

Something that you just can't get satisfied.

Or you don't think anybody will understand?

You think you're the only one in the world with this desire?

Guess what!

We're gonna help you with your need .. for a fee.

The thing is .. you're gonna have to tell us about your need.

Right now it's just a fantasy .. or a burning desire.

Don't you think it's time to bring it to reality?

Maybe your need can be fulfilled right here and now .. with just an e-mail.

Maybe a Phone call.

What if your need requires something more?

No problem!

We can work something out!

The thing is .. you gotta start somewhere right?

How about RIGHT HERE?

Drop Cowboy John an e-mail and get things started.

Who knows where it might lead?

Hey .. you'll never know until you try it!