So you wanna get some trainin' on how to be a boy?

The Cowboy Up Montana Ranch is now offering YOU the opportunity for some SERIOUS boy training!

This particular boy was made to strip to his to panties and then swap 'em for some longjohns.

Some accessories were added .. and this boy was ready for some training!


The boy was given a good, soapy enema to clean him out. A butt plug kept the enema inside the boy until he was ready. HA!

Gag, hood, clamps, cock ring and ball gag .. all being put to good use!

A good boy needs a good pair of sox to wear during training!

Boots, jockstrap and handcuffs .. this boy needs some more training!

The boy shows off his butt after a good, long ass-whipping!

Cowboy John used both a bullwhip and a belt!

A harness is added to the boy ..

And tit clamps .. to make him think a little harder!

The boy needs to be left this way for the rest of the afternoon!

Oh, yeah .. some more ass-whipping! A boy can NEVER get enough!

And he got his longjohns a little dirty, too! HA!

The boy is left to think for a few minutes again .. and enjoy the woods!

The tit clamps .. with the rubber tips removed! Nothing like steel on steel .. with a little flesh in between to get the boy's attention!

Trophy Shot #1 .. Cowboy John and the boy

Trophy Shot #2 .. Cowboy John loves the heck outta the boy's red ass!

The boy shows his appreciation on Master Jeff's cock!

Suck me harder, boy!


Damn! You might need another whipping, boy!

You need some boy training?

The cost is $200.00 per day and includes room/board at the Cowboy Up Montana Roadhouse.

Just let us know what you have in mind for boy training .. or leave the training in our hands! YEEHAW!

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