Way Out West & MJ Enterprises Present ..



YEEHAW! Get ready for over 3 hours of Cowboy Whippings!

Nothing pretty about any of 'em .. just manflesh against whips! And the whips win each and every time!







RED-ASSED COWBOY .. started it all!

Cowboy Jim has come all the way to Wyoming from Oklahoma .. to have some fun with John and Mark at the M Bar J Ranch.

The only problem is .. the guys have some pretty wild ideas about having "fun" with Cowboy Jim.

Between whippings, paddlings and general beatings, Cowboy Jim is subjected to all kinds of use and abuse. Hell .. they even try to string poor Cowboy Jim up from a tree down by the river!!

So get ready for over one hour of punishment with Cowboy Jim and the guys at the M Bar J Ranch in Wyoming. This movie is not for the weak-of-heart!

YEEHAW! So saddle up and have some fun!!

And just when the welts on your ass start to heal up .. then along comes


Cowboy Jim has returned to the M Bar J Ranch for some more "fun and games" with Mark and John. It would seem that Cowboy Jim just doesn't know when to say "quit!"

While the snow is falling outside the bunkhouse, Cowboy Jim stays nice and warm .. at the end of a whip .. and a whole bunch of other stuff!

After his whipping and near-hanging, Cowboy Jim finds himself getting shaved with a sharp knife .. including his crotch!!

Yep! The guys at the M Bar J Ranch sure are glad when Cowboy Jim shows up! Shit is sure to happen!

So get out your dick and stroke it real good .. for over one hour of great bunkhouse action .. as Cowboy Jim gets a Whippin' In Wyoming!

Damn! Can it get any better?

And Now Get Your Ass Ready For


The Alberta Kid is caught trespassing on the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch in western Montana!

Despite his pleas of innocence, the Alberta Kid finds himself tied between a couple of trees deep in the woods. Cowboy John puts the leather to the Alberta Kid's backside.


When Cowboy John finds out that he has himself a queer cowboy .. then the whipping gets even more serious. Cowboy John wants to hear the Alberta Kid admit that he is a fag. And that takes some doing!

After the Alberta Kid reluctantly admits that he is queer, he drops to his knees and works on the boots of Cowboy John.

And then the Alberta Kid shows Cowboy John what a good cocksucker he is. YEEHAW!!

Later that afternoon .. the Alberta Kid finds himself trussed up in the barn for another session. This time, Cowboy John puts the belt to the queer cowboy!

So what are you waiting for?

Over three hours of COWBOY WHIPPINGS The Movies fun on 3 DVDs!

And it's all for only $19.99 (plus US Postage of $5.05 for Priority Mail or $2.50 for First Class Mail).

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