Way Out West In Montana & MJ Enterprises Present ..


.. The Revenge Of The Alberta Kid!



Cowboy John is out working on the Cowboy Up Montana Ranch one day and who does he catch trying to steal his pickup truck?

The danged Alberta Kid!

Not putting up with the bullshit story of just trying to teach Cowboy John a lesson, the Alberta Kid finds himself in a whole heap of trouble!

Deputy Jeff from the local Sheriff's Office responds to the attempted truck theft.

In no time at all, the Alberta Kid is led away in handcuffs to fate worse that jail. Or is it?

Alberta Kid is soon remembering that Cowboy John enjoys using the whip on guys!

And Cowboy John is especially mean to the Alberta Kid .. for trying to steal his pickup AND his dawg!

Before long, the Alberta Kid is "enjoying" some lashes which he won't soon forget.

Figuring that he's had enough of the whip .. for now .. the Alberta Kid is forced to lick the boots of both

Deputy Jeff and Cowboy John.

The Alberta Kid shows he more talent than just taking a whipping!

Dang! Do all the cowboys in Alberta lick boots this damn good?

But wait a minute! The Alberta Kid has other ways of using his tongue and mouth .. WOOF!


Much to the delight of Cowboy John!

But just when the Alberta Kid thinks he might not go to jail after all .. Cowboy John has other plans for him!

Before he knows it, the Alberta Kid is begging to be taken to jail!

See what happens to the poor Alberta Kid!

Check out all the fun and action in


.. The Revenge Of The Alberta Kid!

35 minutes on DVD for $14.99.

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