And you thought Idaho was boring? Especially Boise, Idaho?

I found WYOMING in his red dropseat unionsuit competing in a few events at a small rodeo outside of Kuna, Idaho .

It sure didn't take much convincing to get WYOMING to drop his drawers and put his hands around a post to get handcuffed.

WYOMING wasn't too happy about my hand reaching in and squeezing his nuts!

After a couple of dozen whacks with my belt, I take a look at the "damage"

Time to change sides and see what other damage I could do. YEEHAW!

Then I lifted off his cowboy hat and pulled a hood over his head .. and then put his cowboy hat back on!

The audience was getting a few chuckles out of the show!


WYOMING? Your ass hurt enough yet?

How about we take a closer look?


Maybe a few more whacks from my belt? WOOF!

That looks much better!!